Support services for used cellular phone trade-in

Repro Electronics Corporation provides support service "Resecure" to facilitate used cellular phone trade-in. Resecure software completely erasesdata on the used cellular phones by overwriting each personal information data with random numbers. With such data elimination, personal data becomes unanalyzable and irretrievable after Resecure service provided. This enables the cellular phone users to trade-in their cellular phones without concerns on the misuse of leakage of their personal data.
After trade-in, Repro Electronics Corporation gives a new life to used cellular phone by erasing data, cleaning the phone and sterilizing the phone body. When parts are reusable, we create new products that are ecologically friendly by reusing those parts. Only when it is impossible to re-commercialize or reuse the parts, we recycle rare metal inside the cellular phones. Resecure services promote all and every possible way to zero wastes and 100% reuse of cellular phones.

Sales of reuse LCDs

Reuse LCDs are very highly functional and most appropriate to use for product manufacturing in a small lot (1,000-3,000 units). Repro Electronics Corporation has an answer for customers who want to source small-sized color LCDs and only to take small risk in production scale, inventory and pricing.
We conduct 100% lighting inspection of reuse LCDs. We only select the ones cleared our strict standard and ship them in special package ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection bags. Against stereotypical images on used parts such as uninspected, inferior and breakable, Repro Electronics Corporation provides only selected items after inspection with reference document “Reuse LCDs” to customers.

Planning, development, production and sale of applied

Repro Electronics Corporation plans, develops and produces original eco-friendly products by utilizing reuse LCDs taken from used cellular phones. Repro Electronics Corporation works for the goal of zero waste society by promoting parts reuse with environment in mind.
Repro Electronics Corporation casts your ideas into shape, based on our past experiences and technical capabilities in reuse LCD OEM production, including “REPROX”. Repro Electronics Corporation’s know how, development support and production system at our Chinese brunch will serve for your needs. We help you build your company image and brand image by realizing eco-friendly production of your original products.

Technology Applications by Repro Electronics Corporation

The following list exemplifies our product development and OEM production.

  • DPF (Digital Photo Frame)
  • Digital Camera
  • Electronic Toy
  • Multi-media Player
  • One seg TV