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Questions on reuse LCD
Q.How do you control quality of the LCD modules to ship out?
A.We ship out LCD modules only after operation check as well as other various inspections including back light degradation level check and appearance test. Furthermore, LCD modules are packed by ESD(electrostatic discharge) protection bags in order to minimize degradation during storage.
Q.Do you ship out reuse LCD modules with problematic appearance?
A.No. As long as the quality of exterior appearance is not up to our standard, we do not ship out even if the module has no problem in operation.
Q.How many reuse LCD modules are in stock?
A.The inventory situation varies depending upon the models and timing. We can supply some models in thousands or tens of thousands. Please send your inquiry on your needs.
Due to the inventory fluctuation, we check inventory situation upon customers’ request. Please inquire about your needs.
Q.What is the minimum order for reuse LCD modules?
A.There is no minimum order for online “Ekisho Ichiba”(LCD Market). You can place an order of one sample LCD module.
Depending upon inventory, we consider your request as we receive your inquiries in 100s of modules or 1000s of modules.
Q.What is your pricing for bulk orders?
A.Please send your inquiries. We consider each inquiry separately.
Q.Do you ship your products overseas?
A.Our “Ekisho Ichiba” (online LCD marketplace) takes only domestic orders. We can supply for overseas needs in some cases, so please send your inquiries.
Q.Are you planning to sell other reuse products besides LCDs?
A.We are considering the expansion of our reuse product line.
Q.Do the reuse LCDs need connectors?
A.Yes, they do. We supply connectors as well, although the reuse LCDs can use connectors from other sources. Please consult with us for bulk needs.
Q.Have you commercialize products using reuse LCDs?
A.We have many experiences in commercializing products such as One Seg television and digital photo frames, using reuse LCDs.

Questions on “Ekisho Ichiba” (online LCD marketplace)
Q.What kind of payment methods are available?
A.Bank transfer, COD (cash on delivery), credit card payment and internet bank payment are available.
Q.Shipping cost
A.If the purchase price per shipment is 3,000yen or above, the shipment is free of charge. If it is less than 3,000yen, the shipment cost is 450 yen per shipment.
Q.Product return policy
A.For reuse LCD sample for development and REPROX product series, we replace them free of charge for 90 days in case of initial failures. But for reuse LCD products (reuse monitor series and “Penguin One”), we replace them free of charge for 30days in case of initial failures. We do not accept product return.
Q.Issuing invoices and addresses
A.You can input information regarding your online purchase. If you request for invoices, we will provide them with the products.
A.We provide online quotation for reuse LCD sample for development. Please consult with us for bulk needs.

Questions on product support
Q.What is your warrantee policy?
A.For reuse LCD sample for development and REPROX product series that are available at “Ekisho Ichiba”(online LCD marketplace), we replace them free of charge for 90 days in case of initial failures. But for reuse LCD products (reuse monitor series and “Penguin One”), our free replacement policy is good for 30 days for initial failures. For bulk orders, please consult us on supply conditions including warrantee policy.
Q.Do you provide support for the products using reuse LCDs?
A.Yes. We also accept your inquiries on OEM. Please send your inquiries.
Q.What is the follow-up after sending inquiries?
A.Our staff will contact you.

Other questions
Q.Do you take used cellular phones from individuals?
A.No. We only take large quantities. Please send your inquiries.
Q.Do you repair cellular phone LCDs?